Beginning Bakeful Play

When I first got into baking I was a busy teacher, consumed by building my career and I was in desperate need of something to make me bliss out from time to time. Baking became my therapy. I got quite good at it and it became a weekly pursuit with the projects becoming more and more ambitious, beginning to bake things for friends and occasions. I loved it. Now a stay at home mum with two tinies, there’s not a lot of baking time (or any time) just for me, but when I bake with my two little ones I still find it relaxing and restorative. But I know that baking with children and toddlers can seem overwhelming and scary. The equipment, the time it takes, the MESS. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Soon after my relocation to rural Somerset and becoming a stay at home mum, I found I needed help to adjust to this new identity and help structuring our days. Other mums sharing their journeys online inspired and helped me enormously and I will be forever grateful to the social media sharers who have unknowingly saved me from myself, taught me how to play, relax and find confidence again in what I do. So the blog started as a way to give a little back. I hoped that some of my recipes, tips and tales might help those who are wary of baking with little ones and encourage some baking confidence. 


Since starting to share our bakeful play in march 2019 I have been supported and encouraged by an incredible family of social media followers and by some exceptional and inspiring women. Through them I have been given the opportunity to start my very own business and I finally feel like I am gluing little pieces of my old self back together. I am loving every minute of this journey and hope you will enjoy following along.

Thank you.

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