.What About Allergies?

All baking kits with come with ingredients contain gluten, many may contain milk and some icing mixes contain egg albumen.  A list of ingredients can be found on the product page and on the recipe card enclosed in each kit. 

However, as a small business operating out of a domestic kitchen I CANNOT GUARENTEE AN ALLERGEN FREE ENVIRONMENT.

 If in any doubt, please choose a recipe only kit and use your usual substitutes.

If my children have allergies can they enjoy a subscription?

I would advise against a subscription with ingredients, but the Recipe, Bakeful Baby and Biscuit subscriptions could all be enjoyed by switching allergens with your usual substitute ingredients. 

When will my subscription arrive each month?


It's just little old me at Bakeful Play HQ, so subscriptions don't have a specific shipping date. They are shipped throughout the month to arrive no later than the 29th

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