Beautifully simple recipes and baking kits to take the mess and stress out of baking with little ones.


There are so many ‘official’ reasons to bake with your children. Developing literacy, numeracy, physical development and fine motor skills as well as encouraging them to be more adventurous with food, sensory development, to boost their confidence, resilience and communication skills. But if you ask me, these are merely a bonus byproduct of a much more important thing. Sitting around the mixing bowl or standing tiptoes on chairs at the kitchen worktop, chatting away as we spoon sugar into butter and stir it into something thick and delicious. It’s magic. Side by side and up to our elbows in icing sugar, we feel like a little dream-team. 


I find baking with my two children relaxing and restorative. It often provides the space and time for the Smalls to find the words to chat more freely. They talk about what we’ve been up to, ask questions and often tell me, in their own way, what they’ve been thinking or feeling. Things I might not otherwise hear. I know that this might all sound too good to be true if baking isn’t one of your go to activities already. Baking with kids can seem overwhelming. The equipment, the time it takes, the MESS! But it doesn’t have to be that way and I hope that the recipes and tips on this blog will help give you and your children confidence in the kitchen and show you that baking can be one of the most flexible, manageable and fun activities you do together.  I love it and I hope that you will too.

Happy Baking! Laura x