After School Drop Scones

Tired after schoolers often just need a cuddle and some telly, but making these delicious little drop scones can also be a good way of gathering together at the end of a long day, putting the world to rights and making the most of that precious time before bed.

When I was growing up these were often what friends' mums would make after school. Not coming from a baking household I was always fascinated by the alchemy of turning flour and sugar into warm, fluffy pancake like treats that could be slathered in butter or honey . Made and devoured in minutes. Growing up in the rural north, many of these moments were in farmhouse kitchens where drop scones were made with a proper griddle or on the sizzle plate of a beautiful Aga. It all just seemed so warm and cosy. I definitely banked the feeling of those tired afternoons and hoped to one day recreate them for my own family. I don't have the Aga yet, but on days when we're all in need of something yummy delivered quickly, these little drop scones hit the spot every time. My two like them just as they are with a yoghurt and/or honey dip bowl for dunking.


80g self raising flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

20g caster sugar

1 egg

1/2 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla powder

100ml milk

Bottle of spray oil

Frying pan, griddle or sizzle plate

Whisk & mixng bowl

Desert spoon


Everything in one bowl and mix together to form a smooth (dish) batter.

If you pre-weigh all of your ingredients, you can simply ask your little one to tip everything into one bowl and whisk together into a batter. If your children enjoy weighing out, why not put the ingredients into large bowls with high sided scoops for transferring onto the scales. You or a sibling could take control of the scooping. Write out the quantities needed and ask them to shout stop when the scales match the numbers on the paper. Avoid weighing out from paper ingredient packets. This is what leads to lots of mess and we don't have time for any more of that after school! This is a particularly good activity for discussing counting in tens and to recognise two or three digit numbers.

When your batter is ready spray your pan with oil and heat on a medium hob. Drop desert spoonfuls of mixture into the pan. Wait for bubbles to pop on the surface then flip to cook the other side. Drop scones will puff up and turn golden on the top. Re-spray the pan with oil in between each bake.

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