Always Enormous 'Orkshire Puddings

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

We can't be the only family that enjoy a good Yorkshire pudding eating competition, right? Biggest always wins. If she is ever asked what she'd like for dinner, nine times out of then the answer with be sausages, mash and 'orkshire pudding. If it's not that then it's something else with 'orkshire pudding. If in doubt, 'orkshire pudding please.

Somewhere along the way though, people started thinking these delicious baked puds were hard to make. Buying frozen became the norm. Don't get me wrong, the world is definitely a better place for Aunt Bessie and her friends, but once you've made these and realise just how easy they are, you'll never go back. They are the perfect little job for keen bakers; no stress and minimal mess. On the off chance you don't have an olympic 'orkshire eater in the family they also freeze brilliantly and heat up in just two minutes in the oven. This means you can have Yorkshire puddings with anything any day of the week and, so far, I haven't found any meal they don't improve and very little that they can't fix.

So when I was thinking about Biggest starting school last night it's not surprising that I had the urge to get up and bake two dozen of these beauties to have in the freezer for September. My little girl is starting school and I won't be there to protect, encourage or praise her, but I will always have one of her favourite 'orkshire puddings ready to go when she needs it.

Click to read my letter to Biggest about starting school.



200ml milk

140g plain flour

4 eggs

Vegetable, olive oil, lard or butter.


Muffin Tin

Large mixing bowl



Pre-heat the oven to 200°

Pour a little oil into each recess of the muffin tin and pop it in the fully pre-heated oven.

Mix all the flour, milk and eggs together in a large bowl and combine using a whisk.

Once you have a smoothish batter, remove the muffin tin from the oven and fill each recess 3/4 full. Place back in the oven for 25 minutes. No matter what, do not open the oven door. They'll be just fine in there and when you take them out they will be huge, puffy and perfect.


This recipe requires the oil in the muffin tin to be incredibly hot and when you add the batter it may spit a little. Once your little one has enjoyed whisking the ingredients, make sure they watch you pour out the mixture from a safe distance. They'll enjoy watching the batter start to solidify immediately and you can play a guessing game about how big they might get when they're baked.

You can watch us make these puds for our Sunday lunch here.

To use this mixture for Toad in The Hole, oven bake 12 good quality sausages in an oven dish at 200 for 20 minutes, turning the sausages half way through. After this time, add a little oil - enough to cover the base of the dish. Return to the oven for ten minutes. Pour the Yorkshire Pud mixture over the sausages and return to the oven for 25 minutes. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN during this time. Enjoy with mash and green veg.

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