Angel Cake

There's been a lot of chat and play on an angelic theme at Bakeful Play HQ recently. Biggest is getting ready for her theatrical debut as The Angel Gabriel in the Preschool nativity. She has become captivated with the story and it is lovely to watch her play with our beautiful @tevitoys nativity figures whilst she sings all the songs she has learned for the big day. It's possible this nativity is actually a full West End show in progress!

Angel cake is an old favourite, probably named for it's light fluffy texture, but in our house because of the iced chevron pattern Biggest spotted in a bakery and thought looked like wings. It's a great easy bake for kids, but can also be jazzed up with a few simple additions to be a really posh pud.

We baked at the worktop today and you can see my tips for setting up for a mess and stress free bake by taking a look at the Instagram highlight over @bakefulplay


For the Cake

400g Stork or softened, unsalted butter

350g golden caster sugar

2 tsp almond essence (or If making it fancy 1tsp raspberry extract for the pink layer and 1tsp alomond for the white. Mix this in once mixture has been separated into two halves.)

6 eggs

400g self raising flour

Pink food colour paste

For the Icing

500g fondant icing sugar (normal will work if you haven't got any of this)

Few tsps water

Pink food colour paste


Greased and fully lined square or rectangular cake tin.

Cooling rack or chopping board.

Piping bag or spoon.

Cocktail stick or skewer - something thin and pointy.


  1. Mix together butter and sugar until combined, soft and creamy.

  2. Add eggs and almond extract (if not doing two flavours) mix until combined.

  3. Add flour. Mix until you have a smooth batter. It won't take long.

  4. Scoop half of the mixture into the prepared tin.

  5. Add a little of the pink food colouring and mix until a nice, solid colour. Spread the pink mixture onto of the plain in the tin.

  6. Bake at 180° for 40 minutes (assuming you're using a large tray bake tin. Other tins may vary baking time)

  7. Make the icing by mixing the icing sugar with a little water. You want a very thick mixture. Remove a few spoonfuls to a separate bowl and add a little pink colouring and mix.

  8. When baked, lift the cake from the tin and allow to cool completely before spreading thick white icing over the top. Give your little one a palate knife of spatula to spread the icing as you pour.

  9. Pipe or drip the pink icing in lines across the cake. Take a cocktail stick and run it vertically across all of these lines.This will create the feathered icing. Allow icing to set a little before cutting into chunky slices.

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