Cherry Bakewell Picnic Bars

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Perfect for taking on an outing, the mixture of brown and caster sugars in this bake makes them a little 'chewier' and sturdier than a normal tray bake, so they are more likely to survive a journey when cut into bars and wrapped in clingfilm or tinfoil. Alternatively, if you're driving to your chosen picnic spot why not transport the whole thing in the tin having pre sliced the cake to simply pop out and serve when required.


225g stork of softened unsalted butter

(Plus a blob for greasing the tin)

135g soft, brown sugar

100g caster sugar

2 eggs

1.5tsp almond extract

270g self-raising flour

100g (about 10) whole glace cherries

4 heaped table spoons strawberry or raspberry jam


Square baking tin

Greaseproof paper

Mixer or Mixing bowl & spoon

Chopping board or wire rack.


Grease and line your baking tin. Just pop a big sheet of greaseproof inside leaving a bit hanging over the edge to make it easier to remove final bake from the tin.

Mix together the butter and sugars before adding everything else except the cherries and jam.

Spread the mixture into your greased and lined baking tin. Dollop your jam in four big blobs on top of the mixture and then use a skewer, knife or handle of a dessert spoon to swirl the jam through the cake dough.

Pop the cherries into the mixture like planting shiny seeds (Smallest's description). You might want to do a bit of guiding here. Imagine every bar you will cut and try to make sure everyone gets a cherry.

Bake at 180° for 40 minutes. The cake will be firm and a knife or skewer will come out clean when instead into the middle.

Allow to cool completely in the tin. Lift the bake out of its tin using the extra greaseproof around the edge of the tin. Cut into bars or squares - I find bars withstand travel better. Wrap each bar in clingfilm or similar.

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