Giggles and Garibaldi

Dear Alice and Robin,

Today we stayed in. The weather has been rubbish this week. We are paying for having had a beautiful February. So, of course, we baked. A quick scout around the cupboards didn't yield much in the way of ingredients. Currents (how long have they been there?), flour and butter and that was about it. Suddenly I had a brain wave. Squashed fly biscuits! Good old Garibaldi. Alice, you rolled the dough (you're a pro at that these days) and loved shaking over the currents and squishing them in. The whole thing was incredibly easy and really nostalgic of my own childhood. These were the kind of biscuits Nana and Grandad always had in the biscuit tin. They were so moreish and, truth be told, I ate most of these after you'd gone to bed, but that's ok because too much sugar isn't good for you. Best of all though, was the moment that came after the biscuit eating. You both sat with me on the sofa after your naps, one on each knee, each head snuggled into the nooks of my arm and we just chatted. It was one of those precious, unsolicited moments of calm connection where I feel so blessed to have you. Both of you were so happy and eventually we started to play the game Alice loves where I have to say as many words as possible beginning with a particular letter. In this particular round I think we covered 'T,' 'R' and 'S' and for some reason you both found it hilarious. The giggles were infectious. They just exploded out of you both in turns and I though my heart was going to explode.

For some reason, this week has been full of moments like this. We haven't done anything particularly exciting. I have been pretty tired and sometimes pretty grumpy (sorry about that), but almost every day this week one of you has snuggled in or sat by me and chatted or gurgled into my ear in such a way that I has made me melt, sniff your heads hard (you'll understand this when you have children - my biggest parenting fear if the day that your delicious baby smells disappear) and given you both another biscuit whilst counting every blessing I have. Alice, you stuck by me all afternoon on the day we made the biscuits and even helped me take the perfect photo in the light box. You've got a great eye for biscuit towers. Right now Robin you are sleeping next to me on the sofa and your hot, little hand is tucked into the crook of my arm and I just want to snuggle down next to you and go to sleep too. My astonishing girl and miraculous boy.

Looking ahead these little biscuits would be great for a rainy day when you're feeling a little down. A few of these with a cup of tea would definitely be a little comforting pick me up.

Love you. x

Recipe for simple Squashed Fly biscuits.

100g plain flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

25g caster sugar

25g butter

2tbsp milk mixed with 1 egg yolk (save the egg white for glazing)

A cup full of currents

1. Rub together the flower, baking powder, sugar and butter until it looks like breadcrumbs.

2. Stir the milk and egg mix with a knife and stir until you get a sticky dough.

3. Tip the dough onto a surface covered in flour and roll about until it's a workable consistency. Roll into a rectangle, sprinkle over the currents (cover it), fold over and roll again. Cut out biscuits and place them on a lined baking tray. Repeat as many times as you can. We made very small biscuits with our smallest scone cutter and they were super cute. When they're all lined up paint them with the egg with then bake at 180 for 15 minutes - unlike most biscuits you want these to go really golden in the oven. Cool. Eat. Yum.

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