Quickest Cupcakes

Perfect for parties and rainy day activities alike, these light and airy cupcakes are just the right amount of sweet for little ones and can be made in just 3 easy steps.

This recipe is a double mix, making about 24 cupcakes. I like to make a big batch so that I can put plenty in the freezer to take out for a speedier decorating activity or sharing for play date tea. You can simply half the amounts to make 12. Cupcakes keep well in the freezer for up to 6 months. I bag them in groups of 4 in large freezer bags.

Pre-weigh your ingredients together in groups to reduce the number of steps your little one has to follow. This will reduce mess and speed up tidy-up time as they can just tip three bowlfuls of ingredients into one main mixing bowl.

In a big plastic bowl weigh together:

240g plain flour

240g caster sugar

3 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

80g unsalted butter

In a baby bottle, plastic beaker mug or jug mix together:

240ml milk

2 eggs

1/2 tsp vanilla essence (optional)

Step 1: Combine contents of bowl one in a free standing mixer or with an electric whisk. If using the old school wooden spoon you might like to substitute the butter with margarine.

Step 2: Slowly add the milk and egg mixture until just mixed together.

Step 3: Use an ice cream scoop (this will give you level cupcakes, but a spoon will do) to dollop mixture into muffin cases (sitting in a muffin tin) and bake on 170 for 20-25 minutes. A skewer or knife should come out clean when they're done.


Replace 40g of the plain flour for cocoa powder to make light chocolate cupcakes.

Add grated zest of 2 lemons for lemon cupcakes.

Add blueberries to the final mixture. Lightly toss the berries in some flour first to prevent them sinking and gently stir them in by hand.

Bake chocolate ones in ice cream cone cups and decorate like plants in a plant pot for a fun bake. Use chocolate buttercream and pre bought sugar flowers and leaves. The above collection came from Morrisons and I used a rose tip to pipe the icing, but splodged on my a toddler wielding a plastic spoon will do just the job when it's supposed to look like mud!

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