Red Currant Loaf

One of the loveliest things about living in our West Country village is the generosity of our neighbours. At this time of year we are often treated to delicious fruit from the laden trees and bushes in near by gardens or orchards. This year everyone seems to have had a glut of red currants and rather than the traditional summer pudding I wanted to see if I could bake them into a loaf cake. The result was a huge hit. The tartness of the red currants cuts through the cake beautifully and makes the perfect afternoon treat on a sunny day in the garden.

I did this bake with Smallest at 19months and he was able to do the vast majority independently, sat on the table, mixing bowl between his legs and me stood behind for gentle guidance. You can watch him bake here. Baking with him and seeing how much he enjoys it is one of my favourite things in life. Check out my tips for baking with babies here and my recipe subscription especially designed for babies from sitting to 18 months here.


256g self raising flour

200g golden caster sugar

113g Stork or very soft unsalted butter

2 eggs

120ml milk

1 large punnet red currents

1 2lb loaf tin - greased and lined with greaseproof paper


Cream together butter and sugar. I melted our butter almost completely to enable Smallest to stir the sugar in with ease.

Add the two eggs and stir until combined.

Add the flour, followed by the milk and mix once more. You will end up with a very thick batter.

As gently as your little one can manage, stir through the red currants.

Dollop the mixture into your prepared loaf tin. Smooth the top with a knife to flatten and bake at 180° for an hour. When baked a knife or skewer will come out clean. Lift out of the tin and cool on a wire rack or chopping board.

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