After School Tubful

After School Tubful


The best thing to have in the cupboard for an after school treat.

Simply pour the ingredients into a large bowl, mix with butter and hey presto, deliciously sweet buns ready to go. 20 minute bake start to finish. 


An activity like baking can be the perfect thing to create a safe space for talking through big feelings. When children are fully engaged in an activity like baking, their brains are in a state of executive function, which facilitates learning and allows connection. When little hands and yours are busy in the mixing bowl, rolling dough, cutting out biscuits, filling cake tins or whisking eggs, time flies. Both they and you are absorbed and present which results in better emotional regulation, a greater sense of enjoyment in what they are doing and personal control. When children feel like this they are more likely to engage in meaningful conversation and feel confident talking about the big things in their world. So if you feel like your little one is feeling a bit wobbly about school starting, friendships, a particular subject or struggling with separation anxiety whip out the mixing bowl.


Allergy Information

Your tubful contains a rockbun mix containing flour, sugar and dried fruit. Contains gluten, dairy and may contain nuts. Please note that as a small business working from a domestic kitchen I cannot guarentee an allergen free environment.