Bakeful Play Tubfuls Subscription

Bakeful Play Tubfuls Subscription


Bakeful Play Tubfuls are your go to pot of fun for raiy days, lazy days or 'oh my goodness what am I going to do with you now?' days. Each month get a big pot of scrummy ingredients that can be tipped and mixed in one bowl before being baked and enjoyed by all the family.  Keep them in the cupboard ready for when you need them. They will be your go-to tub when you need something to save the day.


Make a perfect first subscription package by adding a beautifully handsewn Bakeful Play apron.


Upgrade to a double tub for a nice big bake with two or more children, or make two activities by simply splitting the ingreidents in half.



Aprons supplied and handsewn by the wonderful @handmade.hippo


Allergy Information


April's Mix contains: flour, corn flour, baking powder,  soft, brown sugar, caster sugar & milk chocolate chips (containing vegetable oil & cocoa butter.)


Mix includes gluten, egg and dairy. May contain nuts. As a small business operating from a domestic kitchen I cannot guarentee an allergen-free environment. Biscuits can be made with your usual butter and egg substitutes.

Price Options
£9.50monthly/ auto-renew