Over the Rainbow Box

Over the Rainbow Box


A super sweet recipe set with vintage story book, rainbow cutter, hand painted Dorothy peg doll and rainbow banner stitching kit from the gorgeous Paper Town Crafts.  Perfect for your little day-dreamer.


You can add the whole cast of Ozian peg folk for even more fun.

All handpainted by Our Kindi Folk.


  • Please note that extra peg folk dolls will be sent separately


  • Our vintage books are carefully selected to be in good to excellent condition, but are pre-loved items - a well loved story being passed on. We think this makes them all the more special. Story, condition and colour may differ from the item shown. We think this makes them all the more special, but please note that cover art, condition and colour may differ slightly from the item shown.


  • Please note that pegdolls are handpainted to order and therefore your order may take a little longer to dispatch. Please order in good time for special ocassions and send us an note if you need something for a particular date.

Extra Peg Folk Dolls +£9.90 each