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Welcome to Bakeful Play's sister page - baking related content for grown-ups. OftenI help friends to make a birthday cake for their children and it is always a complete joy. Usually, they don't think they can do it. They could. You can. You just need a couple of tips and ticks and some distraction from the parental tendency to put too much pressure on ourselves. When the cake is finished the baker is always justifiably proud. The project is never just for the birthday boy /girl, it's for the parent too.  Making a cake is an act of love, but can also provide some quality, active relaxation. A sense of something achieved. How often do we get to see something is really completed? It's a glorious feeling - almost as good as a well made gin or really good pain killers. I hope the Bakeful Way can help you create something lovely and carve out some time for you.



To complete some of the projects from The Bakeful Way you will need my specially designed spot guide.

This makes sizing icing for modelling easy peasy.  

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